Godox Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox (30x120cm 12″x 47″)

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Godox 30x120cm 12″x 47″ Strip Box Honeycomb Grid Softbox Rectangle Softbox Bowens Mount Compatible Godox S-Type Studio Flash Lights

  • Godox Softbox is used to scatter flash light to give you better light. Avoid photo insufficiency or too intense light
  • The connection is designed with Bowen Suitable for many camera flashes
  • It Have with a silver reflective interior and a flush front face.Suitable for professional portrait studios
  • skeleton design,easy to install on the light stand,light Light is softer Lightweight and easy to install
  • The large size of the soft box makes it ideal for fashion photography, portraits and medium and large size products.

Godox Size:30*120cm 12″x 47″

Weight: About 1.4KG

Shape: rectangular

Mount: Bowens Mount

Package including:
softbox x 1
Metal mounting ring x 1
Metal support pole x 4
Inner soft cloth x 1
Front cover x 1
bag x1

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