Godox LR180 LED Ring Light (Black Version)

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Godox LR180 18″/46cm 33.6W LED Ring Light,3300K~5600K,for Camera,Smartphone,YouTube,Self-Portrait Shooting+DC Adapter+ Smartphone Holder (Black Version)

  • 180 Premiun LED beads with soft light effects.With cold or warm temperature and light brightness adjustment.
  • With a slot to install smartphone holder and mirror(mirror need to purchase separately).Included a smartphone holder to offer convenience in various of occasions.
  • Change its light-passing board to gain cold or warm color temperature.(Yellow Light-passing board need to purchase separately)
  • With compact body and lightweight(880g included a piece of light-passing board).
  • LED Ring Light LR180 is suitable for live,Offer lights for make up,Live Shooting and Self Portrait Shooting.

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