Godox QT600II Studio Flash

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Godox QT600II QT-600IIM 600W 2.4G High Speed 1/8000s 110V Studio Strobe Flash Light (QT-600IIM)


  • – Built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system; – Fast recycling time,0.05-0.9s;- Short flash duration, 1/316-1/28984s
  • – Over 10 continuous flashes per second; – 1/8000s HSS, multi flash, dalay flash and mask function
  • – Stable Color Temperature Mode: color temperature are constantly at 5600±200K and ranges within ±200K. which is a good choice for the photographers who pursues stable color temperature
  • – High-Speed Flash (speed) Mode: color temperature changes from 5400K-9000K, which is perfect for capturing the fast-changing actions
  • – High-Speed Sync Flash Mode: color temperature changes from 4600K-5000K, which is suitable for clearly freezing each fleetingly perfect instant into eternal beauty

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