Godox SL-150W Studio LED Continuous Light

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Godox SL-150W 5600K 150W High Power LED Studio Light with Bowens Mount compatible for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic,Sony, Olympus Digital SLR Cameras+Wireless Remote Control+Reflector(White Version)


  • 150W LED bulbs guarantee high light brightness,Color rendering index is above 93, R9 is up to 80, TLCI (Qa) is up to 95 or more, presenting the objects authentically.
  • With remote control, Wirelessly adjust light brightness,wireless 433MHz grouping system(6 groups&16 channels)
  • Large-sized LCD panel.Settings auto saved,Small size, light weight, portable belt
  • The Godox SL-150W is designed with a temperature display function (free switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit) to take into account safety hazards.Exclusive design of the protect cover to prevent damage to the lamp bead due to touch and collision.
  • With Premium heatsink and built-in fan to offer excellent heat dissipation,Extend the life of the lamp bead.

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