Godox TT350P Flash Speedlite For Pentax Cameras

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Godox TT350P TTL 2.4G GN36 High-Speed Sync 1/8000s Wireless Master/Slave Camera Flash Speedlite Light Compatible for Pentax Cameras 645Z, K-3II, K-1, KP, K-50, K-S2, K70 +Filters & USB LED


  • Full TTL functions: Supports HSS (max. 1 / 8000s), FEC, front & rear curtain sync, multi-flash, manual flash
  • This TT350P camera flash mainly use with popular PENTAX cameras and is compatible with TTL autoflash. With this flash, your shooting will become simpler.Godox TT350P Compatible Camera Models:PENTAX 645Z K-3II K-1 KP K-50 K-S2 K70 Cameras.
  • GN36(m ISO 100,@105mm),Controllable slave groups: 3 (A, B and C)
  • With built-in 2.4G wireless flash transmission and TTL compatible flash, your shooting will become simpler.
  • Perfectly Compatible with other Godox Flashes. As a master unit, TT350P can control the following slave unit models: AD400PRO, AD200,Ad600series, V850II,TT600. As a slave unit,TT350P can be controlled the following master unit models: Xprop, V850I,TT600.

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