Godox V350S Camera Flash Speedlite for Sony

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Godox V350S TTL Flash HSS Camera Flash 2.4G Speedlight with Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Compatible Sony Cameras A7RIII A7RII A7R A77II RX10 A9 A58 A99 ILCE6000L

  • ✔Professional and Rechargeable Battery: Built-in Li-ion battery(7.2V/2000mAh) offer 0.1s~1.7s recycle time and over 500 full power flashes. No tedious charging preparation & heavy burden.
  • ✔Full TTL Functions: Supports HSS(max.1/8000s),front&rear curtain sync,FEC,multi flash,manual flash,wireless ID setting,etc.
  • ✔With 2.4G wireless transmission,Xpro-S(sold separately) fits for Sony cameras(MI Shoe) and can be used to trigger camera flash,studio flash and camera shutter over 50-meter distance.
  • ✔Withstanding Overheat and Useful Functions: GN36(m ISO 100,@105mm),22 steps of power output(1/1~1/128). Support TTL/M/Multi/S1/S2S modes,24-105mm auto/manual zooming. With C.Fn custom function settings.
  • ✔Compatible Sony Camera Models: a7RIII,a7RII,a7R,a58,a99,ILCE6000L,a77II,RX10,a9 etc.

This V350S camera flash applies to SONY series cameras and is compatible with TTL autoflash. With this TTL compatible flash, your shooting will become simpler. You can easily achieve a correct flash exposure even in complex light-changing environments.

This camera flash features:

● GN36 (m ISO 100, @105mm).

● Pro 2000mAh Li-ion Battery –- 0.1s~1.7s recycle –- over 500 full power pops.

● Fully support FUJIFILM TTL camera flash. Workable as Master or Slave unit in a wireless flash group.

● With built-in 2.4GHz wireless remote system to support transmitting and receiving.

● Provided multiple functions, include manual flash, multi flash, HSS (up to 1/8000s), rear curtain sync, FEC, etc.

● Support with firmware upgrade.

Flash Mode: TTL Autoflash

  • FEC: Flash Exposure Compensation : With FEC function, this flash can adjust from -3 to +3 in 1/3rd stops. It is useful in situations where minor adjusting of the TTL system is needed based on the environment.
  • High-Speed Sync : High Speed Sync (Hss flash) enables the flash to synchronize with all camera shutter speeds. This is convenient when you want to use aperture priority for fill-flash portraits.
  • Second-Curtain Sync : With a slow shutter speed, you can create a light train following the subject. The flash fires right before the shutter closes.

Flash Mode – M: Manual Flash

  • S1 secondary flash:This flash can function as an optic S1 secondary flash with optic sensor. With this function, the flash will fire synchronously when the main flash fires, the same effect as that by the use of radio triggers. This helps create multiple lighting effects
  • S2 secondary flash: This flash can also function as an optic S2 secondary flash with optic sensor in M manual flash mode. This is useful when cameras have pre-flash function.

Flash Mode – Multi: Stroboscopic Flash

  • With stroboscopic flash, a rapid series of flashes is fired. It can be used to capture a multiple images of a moving subject in a single photograph.
  • You can set the firing frequency (number of flashes per sec. expressed as Hz), the number of flashes, and the flash output.

Wireless Flash Shooting: Radio (2.4G) Transmission

● You can set up three slave groups for TTL autoflash shooting. With TTL autoflash, you can easily create various lighting effects.

● This flash can work in TTL /M /Multi / OFF flash modes when set as a master unit.

When using Godox 2.4G wireless X system, V350S is perfectly compatible with other products of our company

As a master unit, V350S can control the following slave unit models: AD600, AD600M, AD360II-C, AD360II-N, V860IIS, V850II, TT685S, TT600.

As a slave unit, V350S can be controlled by the following master unit models: XPro, X1T-S, V860IIS, V850II, TT685S, TT600.

  • This flash unit can be used on the following Sony camera models:α7RIII α7RII α7R α58 α99 ILCE6000L α77 II RX10 α9
  • This table only lists the tested camera models, not all Sony cameras. For the compatibility of other camera models, a self-test is recommended.
  • Rights to modify this table are retained.

Package Included

1 * Godox V350S Camera Flash 1 * Li-ion Battery Pack & Battery Charger 1 * Battery Charger Cable 1 * Mini Stand 1 * Soft Cloth Diffuser 1 * Plastic Diffuser 1 * Protection Case 1 * Honeycomb Grid Spot Filter 1 * Color Gel Filters 1 * YouTin Cleaning Cloth

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